Wondering what to wear for your Fall Photo Session??

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Do you have a Fall Photo Session coming up?  Are you wondering how to dress your family?  Here is a simple guide to help!


#1:  Coordinate, not matching!

Remember the days when the style was all white or all black?  Well, those times have passed.  :)  The best idea is to choose a color scheme that includes 2 or 3 colors.  Then choose pieces that run along that color scheme.  Put your little one in a super cute dress with a bit of detail then add a dress on another child that pulls color from that dress.  Put mom in an pattern and dad in a button up that coordinates with the whole scheme.  Pull it all together and you are good to go!



#2:  Mix Solids and Patterns

If everyone wears solid color clothing, the picture may turn out a bit boring.  Adding some patterns will make the image more visually pleasing. BIG TIP:  don't add too many patterns!  If everyone is in patterned clothing, then the image will be too busy.  So the perfect balance is mixing the two.  Have a few in solids and a few in patterns...the patterns can be different but make sure they stay with the color scheme.  Having a couple plaids, a stripe and some solids will be perfect!  



#3:  Accessorize!!!

It's amazing what a difference accessories can make!!  Having little brother in a blue shirt and adding a bow in sister's hair of the same color really brings everything together.  Mom can even wear a pair of adorable earrings or a statement necklace that coordinates with a little one's dress.  Even shoes can make a picture...look how these adorable boots are like icing on the cake...



#4:  Add a splash of color to bring it all together

Do you feel like you need one more thing to bring it all together?  Add a splash of color with a headband to bring an accent color further into the picture.  Or add a necklace or scarf to bring out a color in one of the patterns you have.  Another way to bring in some more color without making the image look too busy is by layering.  Add a jacket or shirt to keep the color scheme going.  It really can add so much depth to your images!

(photo cred): Jill Anderson Photography

Follow these simple steps and you will have some wonderfully coordinated clothing for the family.  All you have to do then is add some smiles and belly laughs and you will have some beautiful images.  

Do you REALLY want to go all out??  Here is one last helpful hint (optional of course):  Match the color scheme of your home decor.  What?!  Why you ask?!  If you match the color scheme of your home, it will ensure that the prints you hang will match as well.  Do you use a lot of blue in your decorating?  Make sure you use blue as one of your colors.  Are you a neutral kind of person?  Dress your family in creams, beiges, and a pop of one other color (maybe an accent color you use at home).  If you incorporate this tip, you not only will have beautifully coordinating clothes for the family, but it will bring everything together as you hang you prints at home. 

Happy Fall Everyone!!



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